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Caterpillar Girl

Silk's Story

Caterpillar Girl Movie Gothic Zen™ Studios

not ready

no matter what you think

Why was it written?

If I scratch the surface, I will find the answer that most people expect me to say, such as “It came to me out of nowhere — like a bolt of inspiration!”. However, I’m not interested in the predictable. There is nothing to learn from such shallow understandings.

This story is an acceleration of truth from decades of observing loved ones being fucked up by societal norms in their cluster of cocoons.

My mother never truly escaped her mind and never really knew how to fly. To me, she is a beautiful soul that can be as mesmerising as a butterfly, but she always acted like a caterpillar and never flew gracefully. She just dropped from one branch to the next and did not understand that she can experience metamorphosis too.

There is another person who I cannot speak of…

Over the years, these women in my life were probably the reason Caterpillar Girl crawled into my subconscious and ate the pages of this screenplay. Caterpillar Girl reminds us that positive transformation occurs when the worst things in life happen to us – it’s just a matter of willpower.

Not a tea drinker

Caterpillar Girl Gothic Zen™ wolf
Caterpillar Girl Movie Gothic Zen™ Studios

Who is it for?

For those who’ve heard excuses like these:

“It’s our custom.”

“It will be over before you know it.”

“That’s God’s will.”

“You’ll understand when you get older.”

“Don’t shame us!”

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